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Edinburgh Fringe advertising for just 15 a week

ImageStanding up for the little guy!  Affordable advertising for any length of run

Putting on a show at this year's Edinburgh Fringe?  Then our low-cost ad deals could be right for you.  When you advertise with FringeGuru, you'll get only the best ad placements, for only as long as you need... and at just £15 for a week's advertising, our great-value packages won't put too much of a dent in your show's precious budget.

  • Among the most affordable website advertising at this year's Fringe
  • Advertise for as little as one week, or for the whole Festival period
  • Reach a loyal, thoughtful readership with a real passion for the Fringe

And as well as ads here on FringeGuru's website, we can also offer great-value slots on iFringe, our groundbreaking mobile app for iPhone and Android.  Sound intriguing?  Read on.

Why advertise on FringeGuru?

It's flexible.  Unlike some sites, we don't force you to advertise for the whole of the Fringe.  You can book for a single week, and it costs just £15... or if you do want to advertise through till the end of the festival, that's only £45, no matter how early you start.

It's effective.  We have a thoughtful, well-informed audience, actively looking to see shows.  In previous years, the average visitor spent more than 5 minutes on our site each time they visited - and by far our most popular content is our reviews.

It's easy.  We know that preparing your artwork can be a bit of a trial.  So we've cleverly designed our ad spots in three flexible shapes and sizes - and if you've advertised with anyone else this year, there's a good chance we can use your existing images.

What do you get for a tenner a week?

You get your choice from our three highly-visible ad placements, designed to appeal to our discerning readers yet still get attention for you.  Look around this page to see the three options.

You get your ad on rotation in your chosen placement, for any seven days of your choice.  Time your ad to end when your show does, and don't pay for a single day you don't need.

Last but not least, you get a fair deal.  We're limiting ourselves to twenty advertisers at any one time - striking the right balance between affordable pricing, and decent exposure for your ad.

Or if you're looking for a little more...

Advertise for three weeks for just £45, and get free advertising in the run-up to the Fringe.  We'll start your ad running as soon as we have the artwork, and leave it up right through until the end of the festival.

Talk to the people websites can't reach!  Advertise on our mobile app, iFringe, from just £30, and benefit from a special deal for a matching ad here on FringeGuru.  Find out more about mobile advertising on our sister site,


Book your ad now!  Remember, we have committed to sell a limited number of ads, so the sooner you book the more likely you are to get your choice of slot.

It's simple to book.  Mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call us on 0131 20 80 403.

Would you like to know a little more first?  We have plenty more information, particularly about the exact size of image you'll need for each of the three placements.  Read our artwork guidelines.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to advertise on the iPhone and Android?  Read more on our sister site,

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Ads from 10 pounds

A fair deal for everyone

With FringeGuru, you can advertise for as little as one week or as much as two months.  It's a fair deal for any length of run.

Go mobile!

Advertise on iFringe, our groundbreaking app for iPhone and Android - and get a special deal on a matching ad on FringeGuru.

Find out more on our sister site,