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Frisky and Mannish's School of Pop
Published on Tuesday, 06 April 2010

If you’ve not yet discovered Frisky and Mannish, you’ve got some serious catching up to do.  But when it comes to this much-fêted double-act, it's easy to get an education: enrol in Frisky and Mannish’s School of Pop, where you’ll laugh, you’ll sing, you’ll dance… and you’ll want to stay for detention.


It’s hard to characterize this pair, still less pigeonhole their musical cabaret.  On one level, it's simple enough: resplendent in purple wig and sparkly corset, Frisky sings for pretty much a solid hour, accompanied on the keyboard by the haughtily angular Mannish.  But the joke is all in the re-mix.  Whether it's Wuthering Heights done in Estuary English, or an offended operatic diva complaining That's Not My Name, the duo's wicked subversion of the nation's favourite songs is fresh and unexpected at every turn.

This is very much “another chance to see” – exactly this show was in Brighton last October, and in Edinburgh before that – but if you haven’t caught it yet, you really must.  FringeGuru’s Craig Thomson pronounced their 2009 act a “riotously funny showcase for two extremely talented performers”, which left him “alternately contorted with laughter and dumb with wonderment”.  But be warned – he’s not the only one to have picked up on this sublime act, so if you plan to go, book early.

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