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Heart of Brighton Walk
Published on Friday, 16 April 2010

You might have seen Michael Robins, in super-sized form, on the side of a Brighton bus – but we met the man in the flesh at last year’s Fringe, when we joined him for a guided walk round Brunswick.  A leading light of the local community, Robins is one of several tour guides plying their trade in this year’s programme, and his gimmick-free delivery will suit those who like their history un-spun.

Of course, Robins had the names and dates at his fingertips, but we also enjoyed the charm which ran through what was – according to our review – a “low-key but entertaining tour”.  It painted a vivid and fascinating picture of the area’s past, we wrote, which took in the landmarks but also explored the vast hidden infrastructure which served the moneyed gentlemen of the day.

The Brunswick tour’s running again this year, but for this preview we’ve picked its partner in central Brighton – which similarly promises an informative round of houses, villas and stables.  For visitors, it should make a good introduction to the streets beyond the tourist trail; for locals, it’s a chance to learn something new about the buildings you pass every day.  And either way, Robin’s genuine enthusiasm for his subject will leave you with a new appreciation for the stories of this city’s past.

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