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The No. 9 Bus To Utopia
Published on Friday, 09 April 2010

Anarchists in Copenhagen, fisticuffs in Arizona and a tree-house-dwelling time-traveller called Gorilla Eucalyptus.  We’ll hear the stories behind these encounters – plus a smattering of racier ones – in Number 9 Bus To Utopia, the latest instalment in the gloriously unpredictable life of local writer David Bramwell.


With this new one-man show, Bramwell hopes to match the success of The Haunted Moustache, his pleasantly rambling account of the adventures which ensued when he inherited a box of facial hair.  We called Moustache an “honest-to-goodness well-told yarn”, and the rest of the world agreed: it picked up the prestigious Latest 7 Award for the best comedy of Fringe 2009, and Radio 3 commissioned a shorter version earlier this year.  As we remarked in our own write-up, Bramwell’s big-hearted storytelling does full justice to the colourful characters he’s mixed with – and with this latest round-the-world voyage of self-discovery, he’s promising lots more of the same.

It’s all good fun, but the show also carries a serious message about community in our own lives, with Bramwell promising to share his hopes for building a personal utopia here on the South Coast.  The whole thing’s housed in the Brighton Earthship – that’s an eco-friendly building, to you and me – and even the eponymous bus which ferries you there runs on recycled cooking oil.  Hmm.  Might it all be a little worthy?

Well, perhaps.  But even if it is, you probably won’t mind: Bramwell’s greatest talent is to leave you feeling you’ve spent a pleasant evening with a mate in the pub.  So we’ll see you on board the Number 9 – and even if we don’t know quite where it’ll take us, we’re sure we’ll enjoy the ride.

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