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Get Carter
Published on Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Hove Centre (venue website)
10-13 May, 8:00pm-10:30pm

 Suitable for age 15+ only.
 Warning: Contains flashing lights.
 Warning: Contains strong language and nudity.


Think Get Carter, think Michael Caine.  But prepare to think again: this ambitious play forsakes the iconography of the 1971 film, rewinding the tape right the way back to Ted Lewis’ gritty novel.  Expect a harder, harsher Jack in this noir thriller – with a script even the Guardian’s hard-to-please Lyn Gardner deemed a “superb in-yer-face adaptation”, when she saw an earlier production in 2006.

You’ll know the plot, of course: northern gangster Carter returns to his dying home-town, to hammer out the truth about his murdered brother.  It’s a bitter story set in a bitter age, as Moon-Race optimism collapses into the grinding 1970’s.  Offering a frightening glimpse into a brutally amoral world, it’s politically-incorrect and sometimes challenging.  And if you’ve seen the film but never read the book… well, there might be a few surprises.

It won’t be cinema, but it will be cinematic, said director James Weisz in an interview with our colleagues at FringeReview.  Performing in one of the Fringe’s largest spaces, he tantalizingly promises to recreate an entire declining steel-town in the heart of genteel Hove.  And with a strong, professional cast and even a specially-composed score, the show’s four-day run seems all to brief... so plan your Fringe catch Carter.

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