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Three Balls and a New Suit
Published on Friday, 17 June 2011


The Nightingale (venue website)
12-14, 19 May, 10:15pm-10:35pm, 10:45pm-11:05pm; 15, 20 May, 8:45pm-9:05pm, 9:15pm-9:35pm, 9:45pm-10:05pm, 10:15pm-10:35pm, 10:45pm-11:05pm; 6, 8 May, 9:45pm-10:05pm, 10:15pm-10:35pm, 10:45pm-11:05pm

 Suitable for age 15+ only.

So, the hardest thing about previewing the fantastically imaginative The Unbuilt Room is that it’s one of those shows it’s best to see knowing nothing about what’s going to occur.  If you’re willing to take the chance, read no more; just book and go.

But if you need something further, we'll try not to give too much away about this clever theatre-based game.  The Unbuilt Room riffs on the current vogue for site-specific promenade theatre, taking small groups of audience members on a journey around the multi-functional, many-roomed space of The Nightingale.  But it’s done in a wholly imaginative, small-scale and simplistic way, which allows the space to be utterly transformed.

What's more, you’ll be expected to participate and decide the route you take. If you've ever played a Choose Your Own Adventure book or an early text-based computer game, you'll have an advantage when it comes to using the navigation system.  Expect to have to follow clues and solve puzzles, working as a team (or frustratingly not working as a team) with the rest of the audience, to reach the truly uplifting ending.

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