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Matthew Highton's Incidental Combobulations
Published on Monday, 26 July 2010


Laughing Horse @ Jekyll & Hyde (venue website)
5 - 22, 26 - 29 Aug, 3:40pm (4:25pm)

It’s a real comedy wildcard, this one – but if you’re tired of the slick sameness of the TV big names, then Matthew Highton’s surreal wanderings might just be for you.  We first caught his act down at the Brighton Fringe, when our reviewer Mathilde Madden dropped in more or less at random… but came out dubbing this young comedian nothing less than a “star on the rise”.

Matthew Highton

The Brighton show was a nutty ride: spider crabs stole Highton’s dreams, Danny DeVito was evicted using clogs and God was killed by being synched with a Macbook.  As Mathilde put it, these are not your Michael McIntyre or Jimmy Carr comedy stylings; think instead of the Steve Martin, Eddie Izzard and Ross Noble end of the scale.  It’s all pretty challenging, but it’s neatly wrapped-up – and it’s solid, inventive stuff.

Highton’s only been gigging for eighteen months or so, and we did note a few wrinkles yet to drop out with experience – but that’s all part of the pleasure of discovering a new and unexpected act.  And if you’re still not sure, here’s one last thing which might make up your mind: this show’s free.  So it’s worth taking a punt on Matthew Highton this year… if we’re right, he won’t be this price again.

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