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The Big Bite-Size Breakfast
Published on Monday, 26 July 2010


Assembly @ George Street (venue website)
5 - 29 Aug (not 24), 10:30am (11:30am)

Twitter.  Tapas.  Twenty20 cricket.  For all the best things in life, it seems, there’s a new and snappy alternative.  And that now goes for theatre too, as the popular Bite-Size Breakfast bring their morning smorgasbord of fun-sized delights – with free strawberries! – to Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms.

Bite Size

Though Bite-Size has been here in Edinburgh before, we first caught them back in May in their hometown of Brighton, and we thoroughly agree with the praise already heaped upon this accessible approach to theatre.  You still get a full-length show for you money, but it’s snipped into a series of handy ten-minute plays – performed back-to-back, with a minimum of set and props, and with no time for a breather.

Aside from their diminutive duration, there’s little to link the thespian morsels; but they’re usually funny, occasionally thought-provoking, and uniformly well-performed.  It’s great to know, too, that creator Nick Brice’s open programming policy gives new writers their chance to shine.

The late-breakfast slot suits Bite-Size: it’s energetic enough to kick-start the sleepiest of mornings, and the short plays don’t demand too much concentration at the start of the day.  You don’t even need to eat before you go – firing another salvo in the escalating breakfast-time refreshment war, the producers promise free croissants, coffee and strawberries.  But the food, of course, shouldn’t be the draw; the play’s the thing, so head along at 10:30 for a high-quality warm-up to your Festival day.

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