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Archive: London 2010

FringeGuru's most active during the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes, but we're keen followers of fringe theatre and comedy all year round.  In this occasional column, we're sharing our reviewers' thoughts on productions all across the UK.  Right now, FringeGuru's co-founder and co-editor, Richard Stamp, is writing from London.


4 starsLondon: Southwark Playhouse, near London Bridge station
Until Saturday 27 November, daily, 9:30pm (10:40pm)

Atrium: a play within a play about a book within a book – and a contemplation of how slippery our grip on truth can be.  When a dying man, Malcolm, relives his life for his biographer, he finds himself wondering how his story will be received.  He worries, he fantasizes, he embellishes his memories… and you’re never sure quite how much he’s making up as he goes along.

Lights, Camera, Improvise!

4 starsLondon: New Diorama Theatre, Triton Street, off Euston Road
Until December 19, Sundays only, 8:00pm (9:00pm)

A night in the company of a movie-loving nerd, who owns any DVD you can imagine and talks his way through them all?  Don’t panic: far from a vision of social hell, it’s the well-thought-out set-up for a cracking comedy show.  It’s all the work of improvisers the Scat Pack, who invite us to commission our very own screenplay… then put it into production, live before our eyes.

More Light

5 starsLondon: The Rose Theatre, Bankside
15 November
 4 December.  Mon Sat 7:30pm (9:30pm); no performance Sun

This is a play for polymaths.  To enjoy it the most, you’ll be a competent scientist, with a working knowledge of Shakespeare; you’ll be up to speed on geopolitical history, comfortable with the basics of Christian theology, and at least know the names of the classical gods.  It is, in short, a script penned by a Renaissance man… so it’s fitting that it should centre on Giordano Bruno, the man whose brutal demise is often said to mark the Italian Renaissance’s end.


3 starsLondon: Greenwich Playhouse, by Greenwich station
9 November - 5 December.  Tue
Sat 7:30pm (10:15pm); Sun 4:00pm (6:45pm); no performance Mon

The screams of a caged madman open Liz Lochhead’s Dracula – a weighty, wordy and worthy adaptation, which sweeps across seas and continents in pursuit of Bram Stoker’s wide-ranging plot.  Marking its 25th anniversary this year, Lochhead’s script remains one of the truest adaptations of Stoker’s novel.  Spurning Hammer-horror clichés, it’s an epic tale – one filled with love, redemption, heroism and darkness.


About This Author

Richard Stamp

Co-founder of FringeGuru and self-confessed Festival addict, Richard Stamp came to Edinburgh on a six-month assignment and never quite got round to moving back.  In his ten years enjoying theatre in the city, he's been chased by ghosts, abducted by the army and watched Macbeth on a motorbike.  He denies sleeping with a Fringe programme under his pillow.

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