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Afternoon Delight

Pleasance Courtyard
5 - 31 Aug (not 12, 24), 3:15pm (4:15pm)

Shows stacked with silly songs have been a staple of the Fringe for many years, so Rob Castell and Tom Sadler - otherwise known as the Bodega Brothers - are trying to break into a crowded field.  But this pair of carolling comedians have an ace in the hole: they're half of last year's word-of-mouth sensation, Barbershopera.

Bodega BrothersWe've already previewed this year's sequel, Barbershopera II, which plays later in the evening over at the Pleasance Dome.  But in their two-man show Afternoon Delight, Castell and Sadler promise something different again.  A good old-fashioned musical sketch show, it takes on subjects as diverse as Gordon Brown and the sexuality of the dinosaurs, delivered through "fresh tunes, soaring harmonies and ridiculous rhymes".

Sceptical?  OK, so were we.  And the only review we've found is from the Notts-based Thrumpton Parish Messenger - who for the record, reported "tears of laughter" from a village-hall crowd.  But hey, we know these guys can write; we know these guys can sing; and my goodness, we know they can make us laugh.  So we'll be giving the Bodega Brothers a try - and if they've come up with something half as good as Barbershopera, we'll be as delighted as the good people of Thrumpton.

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