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Barbershopera II

Pleasance Dome
5 - 31 Aug (not 12, 19), 10:45pm (11:45pm)

We're delighted to see the return of Barbershopera - the show we liked so much in 2008, we chose it for our own company night out on the Fringe.  Yes, it's a barbershop quartet; yes, it's (kind-of) an opera; and yes, the four singers' technical skills are truly superb.  More than all that though... this show is screamingly funny.

Image2008's version followed the a cappella foursome as they prepared for the Eurovision Barbershop Contest, struggling with internal conflicts and beset at all turns by their arch-enemies, the dastardly Swiss team.  "All four members of the company are supremely capable singers and comic performers," ran our 2008 review.  "It's a quintessential Fringe experience: ambitious, hilarious alternative comedy... a delight to hear and see."

Sequels, of course, can be disappointing, but we've got a good feeling about this one.  Last year's show was full of energy and brimming with ideas - and the concept's so brilliant, there's surely much more to come from this talented team.  According to the programme, Part II's set in Norfolk, featuring "laughs, tears and stampeding cows".  We can't wait!

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