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The Best Of John Betjeman

St Cuthbert's Parish Church
17 - 23 Aug, 6:00pm (7:00pm); 17-19 Aug, 21-22 Aug, also 1:00pm (2:00pm); 20 Aug, 23 Aug, also 2:30pm (3:30pm)

It's nice to know, in these brash and commercial days, that there's still room for shows like this one.  Actor Lance Pierson has an obvious enthusiasm for the work of John Betjeman; and in the charming city-centre setting of St Cuthbert's church, he'll be bringing the former poet laureate's work to life for a third successive Fringe.

Betjeman statueFar from dusty verse, Betjeman's poems were written to be performed - they're rhythmic, accessible, and funny, though often also quietly sad.  In his one-man show, Lance Pierson uses some of Betjeman's most famous works to tell the story of the poet's life, evocative of both personal triumph and tragedy against the backdrop of a changing country, England.

Pierson's treatment of the poems has won widespread acclaim.  ThreeWeeks described his range as "hypnotic and limitless", praising the "rhythmic dance of his words"; and from a quick sample of his work on YouTube, we wouldn't demur.  More performance than reading, it's a style we think will combine wonderfully well with the poet's sometimes-wicked humour.  So if you don't know Betjeman, it's time to find out what you're missing; and if you do, well - you'll surely need no persuading that it's time to hear him again.

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