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Capoeira Knights

The World @ St George's West
6 - 31 Aug, 9:00pm (10:10pm)

We discovered the Capoeira Knights at the tail-end of last year's Fringe, performing in the multicultural epicentre which is The World @ St George's West.  Back in the same venue for another three-week run, we're expecting the boys from Brazil to pick up where they left off - with samba, back-flips, muscle and soul.

Capoeira KnightsPart dance, part martial art, capoiera was born of slavery - and last year's show made a point of the tough experiences of those who perform it today.  But in a funny way, talking too much about their background cheapens the achievement of this breathtakingly energetic crew.  Their muscular acrobatics and precisely-choreographed skill need no gloss of worthiness; quite simply, they deserve their place on any stage in the world.

Last year's show featured hints of samba, circus acrobatics, and even football skills, all backed up by silky-smooth vocals and bombastic percussion from the back of the stage.  You may have guessed that it's a sensory onslaught, and this certainly isn't the show to choose if you want a gentle night.  But for a perk-up more powerful than the strongest Brazilian coffee, this Brazilian street-dance spectacular is well worth a try.

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