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Cocktails with Coward

Assembly @ George Street
6 - 31 Aug (not 17), 4:40pm (5:40pm)

Whatever happened to Alistair McGowan?  If you only knew him from the BBC's Big Impression, you'd be forgiven for thinking he'd vanished without trace.  Well, he's back in Edinburgh this year, making up for lost time with two shows.  One's a reprise of his TV series - but in this preview, we've gone for the less obvious choice.

Alistair McGowan and Charlotte PageYou see, McGowan isn't just an impressionist.  In recent years, he's appeared at the RSC alongside Judi Dench, sung the dentist's role in Little Shop Of Horrors and directed at the Guildhall.  And in his second show this year, he puts all his many talents to good use - teaming up with singer-actress Charlotte Page, to perform an hour of songs and poems from Noel Coward.

We're promised both classic highlights like Mad About The Boy and lesser-known numbers, selected to provide "a lot of laughter and a few tears" while showcasing Coward's mastery of language and the human heart.  And of course, there's that intriguing opportunity to see a face of the telly, taking on a completely new role.  It's an enticing prospect all round... and so, we're betting that McGowan still makes a good impression.

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