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Frisky and Mannish's School of Pop

The Underbelly
6 - 30 Aug (not 18), 9:00pm (10:00pm)

And now, for something completely different.  We really don't know how to categorize Frisky and Mannish: their unique style of tuneful cabaret bears comparison to the greats, yet never mimics them.  It's musical patter, but it ain't Tom Lehrer; it's a parody of pop, but forget Weird Al.

Frisky and MannishThe joke, you see, is all in the style.  Whether it's Wuthering Heights performed as an Essex girl, or an offended operatic diva complaining That's Not My Name, the duo's delicious subversion of the nation's favourite songs is fresh and unexpected at every turn.  The skits are underpinned by an equally wacky back-story; the aristocratic Frisky plays perfectly off the mysteriously European Mannish, and a dash of cabaret-style sauce completes the recipe for an hour of offbeat fun.

Formed as recently as 2008, Frisky and Mannish seem on the fast-track to the big-time - with a Time Out Critic's Choice and a coveted appearance at London's Le Clique already to their names.  Even the much-respected Fringe Report, not known for being easy to please, described their act as "remarkably imaginative, wholly original and colossal fun".  The secret will be out before long, but there's still just time to say you saw Frisky and Mannish before they were famous... so don your prefect's badge, and enrol at the School of Pop this year.

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