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The Tartuffe

C soco
5 - 31 Aug, 8:55pm (10:05pm)

Rarely has a theatrical company made as striking a debut as Belt Up (Nothing To See/Hear), the youthful collective behind this year's Tartuffe.  Their 2008 programme was a full-on stampede of innovation and energy, earning them a prestigious prize from the "official" International Festival - and a fistful of five-star reviews on the Fringe.

OrgonWe at FringeGuru spent a lot of time with Belt Up last year: our reviewer Susannah Radford heralded the "type of theatrical event the Fringe celebrates", while editor Richard Stamp was left "awe-struck with wonder at the sheer creativity of it all".  For with Belt Up, you don't just watch a play - you are truly part of it.  Whether we were being blindfolded and led through the darkness, or called up to dance with the cast, the lines between theatre and reality were constantly blurred in an always-unpredictable maelstrom of novelty.

Such ambition delivers both hits and misses, of course, but Tartuffe is on safe ground.  A reprise of one of last year's shows, 2008's edition was acclaimed by critics for its highly unorthodox retelling of the classic French tale - where a nobleman is entranced, hoodwinked and ruined (or is he?) by a manipulative and scheming lodger.  Hedonistic, racy and knowingly anachronistic, it was praised for its energy as much as its invention.  So, expect to be surprised; expect to be involved; but whatever else, expect to enjoy the ride.

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