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Tom Tom Crew

Udderbelly's Pasture
6 - 31 Aug (not 11, 18, 25), 7:00pm (8:00pm)

If you blame society's ills on hooded tops, you aren't going to like Tom Tom Crew.  It's got beat-boxing, break-dancing and a record-scratching DJ; it's safe to predict that it's going to be very loud.  But for the open-minded of all ages, this urban-cool line-up - completed by a troupe of bare-chested acrobats - provides a golden opportunity to try something new.

ImageLead man Tom Thum (can that really be his name?) is a world-champion beat-boxer, and you'll be amazed at the sounds he can lay down by popping and blowing into his microphone.  But the show's truly made by those acrobats: their routine's as stripped-down as the performers themselves, but loses nothing in the process.  Combining rhythmic virtuosity with aerial daring, this new type of circus has won widespread acclaim, selling out the Sydney Opera House in its home country and earning plaudits both in London and on Broadway.

We first saw Tom Tom Crew's previous incarnation, Tom Tom Club, in Brighton a couple of years ago.  We admit we weren't sure quite what to make of it all, but we were won over by both its enthusiasm and the performers' raw skill; "I clapped so hard my hands hurt," wrote our reviewer.  So, go on; give this "different" kind of show a try - and you too might soon be beating Tom Tom's drum.

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