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Published on Sunday, 09 August 2009

Two actresses, a couple of suitcases and some white cloths - this is all you need to tell a modern story in a catchy way.

Follow up to Skolka, which charts the experiences of three Russian mail-order brides, Catch tells a similar story from the male perspective. Two western men, Spralsey and Alan, set out on a journey to Moscow to find the perfect wife.

Fishing for wives turns out to be more than an adventure: they go through a crash-course organized by their hosts from the fictional website,, and face multiple hurdles which keep them away from the ultimate goal.

Catch is a sophisticated piece, gripping you from the very first minute with its enthralling story, vivid and memorable acting and excellent directing. It is a fusion of text and physical theatre in which simple props are used extensively to evoke the imagination.

Don't expect to meet only two characters, though, as Susan Momoko Hingley and Emmy Sainsbury - dressed in men's clothes - portray a myriad of faces and characters on-stage, with an energy that will keep you hooked right till the end.

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