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Daniel Rigby: The Mothwokfantastic
Published on Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Mothwokfantastic is absolutely brilliant. It is, by far, the best comedy show I have seen at the Fringe this year. Daniel Rigby has created a construct for his talents that could not be more fitting, and delivers his entire act with more energy and intensity than you would think was humanly possible. This is without doubt worthy of more attention than it is currently receiving, so round up your friends, and go and see this show: you will be quoting it for months.

I have seen Daniel Rigby before, but as a stand-up comedian. Although a very talented performer, I never felt this was really his métier. His quick wit and performance abilities scream out for something slightly more stagey, and what better than a two-man sketch show? This proves to be the ground Rigby has needed to blossom, as the Mothwokfantastic is hilarious, and the humour comes from so many different directions.

Most of it is down to Rigby, and his exceptional timing and intensity. Every single one of his characters was unique, powerfully performed, and ridiculous. I’m obviously not going to repeat any of his jokes here, but they are, bar none, roll-on-the-floor funny. And I'm not just using that phrase in the idiomatic way, I actually nearly fell over.

The sketch format is simple: a collection of exchanges between the two performers, normally with a song somewhere, broken up by fictitious ads for the show's 'sponsor'. Rigby's interchanges with his comedy partner, who was unfortunately never named, are quick, snappy, and often improvised, and their laddish attempts to outdo each other only add to the comedy of each given moment (at one point, Rigby clearly improvised a good five minutes of a scene, just to toy with his straight man). The songs are also excellent, and there is no fear of confusing them with other comedy songs out there: these are truly original ridiculousness, all very good and extremely strange, worthy of placement next to the likes of Tim Minchin and Bill Bailey.

The adverts are something of a weak link, but actually work well as much-needed relief from the sketches, in the sense of giving a chance for the audience to breathe a little and relax. I doubt they were planned in this fashion, but the respite seemed to be greatly appreciated.

I absolutely recommend this show to anyone who enjoys good sketch comedy. It is utterly ingenious and staggeringly funny, and you’re only doing yourself an injustice by not going. Rigby is not only talented, but he clearly loves making you laugh: this is a man destined for greatness. Go buy a ticket, even if you have to fight for it! I mean, I'm not condoning violence here, I'm just trying to express how incredible this show is. You get my drift... DO IT NOW!

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