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Denis Krasnov Versus Shane Healey
Published on Sunday, 23 August 2009

I need to be honest here: I like my comedy quite high-brow. Denis Krasnov and Shane Healey are, unfortunately, two of the crassest comedians I've had the 'pleasure' of watching - and while their set-up was different and interesting, the implementation was poor, the performances were poor, and the material was, too put it lightly, a little blue. However, there is a market for this kind of show; and they seem to have found themselves a niche, albeit a small one.

The set-up was one of the more exciting aspects of the set: two comedians, taking it in turns to perform, with the audience deciding who 'wins'. This was the funniest part of the evening, watching the two acts trying to segue into their material while not making the evening too random. This concept would suit some of the bigger acts on the circuit quite well, and even here makes for an interesting and different kind of comedy evening.

Unfortunately, the two people involved in this - while making the process look fun - seemed to think that sliding into crass blue humour was the easy way out, if they didn't have any material to fit. Krasnov certainly is the master of this sort of content, bellowing into a microphone about all sorts of unmentionable, horrendous material that I'd rather not repeat. Healey, while also at home in this setting, was clearly a little confused or embarrassed.

Both were poor examples of stand-up, and didn't seem very professional about their performance. The audience was certainly laughing along, but more at them than with them; this was sloppy, poorly performed, and disappointingly vulgar.

The set-up is exciting, and deserves praise. To see two talented stand-up comedians testing their mettle against each other would be spectacular. However, with these two comedians - unless you are a huge fan of disgustingly crude material, and poor performance and delivery - give it a miss.

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