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Die Roten Punkte - Robot/Lion Tour
Published on Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Germany is not exactly known for its comedy, but this punk-rock White Stripes pastiche is a blast, both from a comedy and rock perspective. The music is funky and loud, the comedy is gentle and ridiculous, and the performance slides between ludicrous interchanges and really awesome tunes. Die Roten Punkte are an exciting comedy concept, and also a really good gig - and lovers of either should not miss this night. Rock!

Die Roten Punkte (The Red Dots) are a rock brother-sister duo from Berlin (apparently), and this comedy show is a mixture of their music - heavily referencing The White Stripes - and strange comedy moments in-between. What makes the night are the excellent songs, brilliantly fusing very good rock and comedy. Songs such as "Rock Bang", "Ich bin Nicht ein Roboter (I am a Lion)" and one who's name I can't find anywhere - which I’ll just have to describe are cool, rocky fun - also have a surreal comedy element, excellently integrated. A standout for me was a Nick Cave parody about the crash that took their parents: a horrifying and wonderful mixture of random humour, awesome chorus, and a bit of an emotional kick.

The rock and comedy never get in each other's way, and often enhance simple songs to tunes that bounce around your brain long after the performance. The characters portrayed are also very well done, and a pleasantly charming part of the piece. Otto and Astrid spend most of the concert bickering, she about his 'straight-edge' lifestyle and he about her hardcore rocker mentality. The gently-revealed backstory is well-structured and placed throughout the piece, and gives these characters a human edge beyond what would be required from this sort of comedy music gig. Their frequent audience interactions are wonderfully silly, and you start to feel oddly attached to these rather strange characters by the time the final curtain falls.

That said, the two stars are clearly musicians first, as the interludes too often descend into awkward puns or longer 'scenes' which could have been more fully constructed. Their songs are their strong point, and the gig could have had more of their rock stylings - they were so good that it was a shame it didn’t go on for longer.

If you are or ever were a bit of a rocker, this show is directly geared towards you. Head along for a wonderful pastiche of everything you hold or once held dear, rock along to the banging tunes, and let your inner animal out for a while.

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