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Published on Saturday, 22 August 2009

“…and then some” is Dance Base’s new selection of dance offerings. The day begins at midday with the double bill of Re-membering(s) followed by Grounds; the first remembers a movement sequence, and the second is described as a “journey of inner struggles.”

Re-membering(s) begins with a single voice articulating a movement sequence, and then builds to its physical expression. Feet grip as bodies circle the floor, and shared gestures pass and echo between the dancers like a recurring musical note, as arms are swung and crossed and legs patted into a turned out position.

Various movements are repeated and explored individually at different times, yet the disparate parts are united through expression by the group as a whole. Also fascinating was a sequence towards the end of one dancer’s fluid motions as she tried to squeeze through what seemed like an invisible maze of air.

The second work Grounds finds Poppy Ackroyd caught in an inner struggle. The opening notes from Maite Delafin’s beautiful violin curl around Ackroyd’s fingers and flexed feet, and prompt her into movement; her body is taut and thrashes uncontrollably like a fish caught in reeds, all the while avoiding the palms of her hands. She tries to draws the tension outside of herself as if it were a line of pain; at one point tension is expressed as a single note.

The live music, played in both pieces, really adds atmosphere to the dance. More importantly, these two pieces highlight how dance is inextricably linked and informed by music. Of the two pieces, Grounds with its intensity of focus makes for particularly engaging viewing; however, both pieces ensure it’s an interesting start to a new selection of dance at Dance Base.

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