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Inventing The Sky
Published on Thursday, 20 August 2009

With three guys and only one girl you know there’s going to be trouble in paradise. Inventing the Sky begins with the halcyon days of four friends enjoying a day at the beach - but this drawn-out scene charting the growing jealousy and anger that ensues between them sets the pace for a show that was all too hard to sit through.

There’s a lot of running in Inventing the Sky, which is not a good sign. There’s a lot of angst too, plus some more running (indifferent running at that) and writhing on the ground. Additionally, there are jerky uncoordinated movements, a scene in near-darkness, and throwing. In Anger.

What is infuriating is that this self indulgence is meaningless. With a simple but still scant narrative, one scene leads on to another but goes nowhere. The segments showing city life go on for ever. The most enduring image is of the girl coming onstage with a rope tied around her neck. Two guys take each end and another one, with flowing shirt and hair, skips through both ends of it. Skipping! It’s unintentionally ridiculous. There are good production values here they just don’t translate into a good product.

In the one moment where they approximate coordinated and interesting movement, they stop; two guys in their anger or despair throw the girl from one to the other with startling vigour - then stop, and she writhes on the ground. What is really irritating about Inventing the Sky is its unfulfilled potential; the four performers obviously have some strength and skill but it’s all employed in running.

At one point I turned on my mobile to check the time, and it wasn’t even two thirds the way through. Yes, I stayed till the bitter end - so I can tell you that if you had walked out at any stage, you wouldn’t have missed a thing.

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