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Lochhead & Laula - Love, Love, Love
Published on Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The poetess and playwright, Liz Lochhead, and the singer and songwriter, Carol Laula, are hosts of this one-hour show in the Assembly @ George Street's Supper Room. "We have been planning this show for ages," shared Lochhead at the opening of the evening. The two Glaswegians treated the audience to a homemade recipe of poetry and music, performed in front of a line of thirteen coloured paper hearts.

Despite the sweet setting and show name, Lochhead and Laula both stood on the stage in casual clothes, with their feet firmly on the ground. Lochhead, in her usual theatrical role, told a couple of funny personal stories how women of her generation talk about love - and how the young generation of women experience it.

Laula left all the talking to Lochhead, immersing herself instead in music and singing. At first, the idea behind the show was slightly unclear. At certain points, it felt like each one of them was trying to engage the audience individually. We were puzzled by the random leaps into memories from childhood, talks about mothers, relatives and friends. But it all made sense at the end.

Laula’s voice, performing such widely-loved classics as Old Man River, Restless and the groundbreaking Stay with me Angel, steeped the audience in the profound beats of the love of the show's name. And the journey eventually led us to the secret love of their lives - their art. "We hope to continue doing what we do, because we love it!" concluded Lochhead, who shared her theatrical credo as an endnote.

Both artists showed were cool and relaxed, conveyed their message clearly and definitely - and most of all enjoyed themselves, in a dangerously contagious way. Despite an occasionally unsmooth rhythm, which at times left the impression of an impromptu performance, I'd recommend this show for people of all ages.

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