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Scottish Dance Theatre - Luxuria
Published on Sunday, 23 August 2009

Luxuria rushes over you like a free-flowing waterfall. Created for the Scottish Dance Theatre by Liv Lorent, it’s easy to see why it has become a favourite for both company and audiences alike; Lorent weaves a rich and dense emotional and visual landscape that lingers in the memory. Not only that, it’s the type of challenge which the SDT dancers thrive on: physically and emotionally testing dance theatre.

Skirts billow, outer garments are discarded, and loose threads tangle and bind as the dancers throw themselves into a series of intense couplings. It’s a romantic, ecstatic union of silk and thread; of bodies so eager they consume each other in a single breath.

It’s physically demanding stuff. Hands shake and arms swing into a blur. Women climb up and stand on their partner’s shoulders; another wraps her feet around her partner’s waist, as he spins her around at full throttle – all these acts perfectly expressing the heady rush of sexual desire.

Everything is lush and sensual; from Max Richter’s music with its frenetic bowing and rich chamber themes to the evocative costumes and long hair which falls loosely. And while at times it feels epic in breadth and scale, there are also moments of intimacy, where clothes are smelt longingly and a man pins up his girl’s hair.

The climax builds to the dizzying heights of heart bursting fulfilment; this is dance so ravishing it takes your heart and soars away with it. Compelling.

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