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Choosing from programmes
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Choosing from programmes
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Waiting for reviews is a great strategy for the Fringe, where the choice is mind-blowing and tickets are easy to come by. Edinburgh's other Festivals, though, have smaller programmes and can sell out quickly; it's safer to choose from a listing in advance if your interest lies in the International Festival, books, or jazz and blues. And even on the Fringe, the right approach to programmes can help you find treasures the reviewers simply don't have time to take in.

We've broken this article down into two sections. The sheer scale and complexity of the Fringe means it merits special attention - especially as, alongside the iconic Fringe Programme, many of the individual venues publish their own programmes too. The second part of the article covers the rather more straightforward arrangements which cover Edinburgh's other summer Festivals.

 If you're in Edinburgh and want to get hold of the printed programmes, your best bet is to call in at the Hub.  The Hub is the central box office of the Edinburgh International Festival, but it generously stocks programmes from most of the other Festivals too - check in the foyer, just inside the door.  For any programmes you can't get at the Hub, we have specific details on the following pages. 

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