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How to plan a day

You’ve planned your trip and you have your eye on some shows… probably, more shows than you could possibly hope to see in the time you have available.  It’s time to put it all together - and whether you choose to fill your days or prefer to take it easy, you’ll want to spend a little while working out your schedule for the Festival.

Some people plan their trips almost to the minute, while others like to take it as it comes.  But either way, it pays to tune in to the daily rhythm of the Festival: where, morning, noon, or night, there’s a different style of entertainment on offer right across the city.

A day at the Festival

Sunrise over castleWhether or not you cross time zones on your way to the city, you'll need to adjust to "Edinburgh Festival Time". The entertainment runs more or less around the clock, but there's a distinct pattern to each day: mornings are quiet, afternoons are busy... and evenings are full-on bedlam.

What to plan... and what to leave

Some folk come to Edinburgh without any particular plan, then just roll out of their bed each morning and decide what to do over breakfast; at the other extreme, a few souls turn up each year clutching colour-coded Excel spreadsheets they've been working on since June.

Either approach works fine, and we wouldn't presume to tell you what's right for you: but there are, perhaps, a few common mistakes to avoid.

Festival time management

In an ideal world, you'd always have enough time between shows to chat to your friends, have a beer or coffee, and enjoy the whole experience without rushing.

In reality, the two shows across the whole Festival which you most want to see always turn out to clash - and you'll almost certainly have at least one episode of high-pressure hightailing in your attempts to fit it all in.

What to expect at the venue

Bar and venues at PleasanceFestival venues, especially on the Fringe, don’t match the normal expectation of a night at the theatre.  The larger venues have facilities to rival the West End – including bars, restaurants and occasionally even cloakrooms – but the temporary nature of the whole event makes for a few unique oddities.  Here, then, are our five best tips to enjoy your time at the venue.


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