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The Fringe on the cheap - Half-price deals and loyalty schemes
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The Fringe on the cheap
Half-price deals and loyalty schemes
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Half-price deals and loyalty schemes

Beyond the first weekend, you'll still find 2-for-1 offers around, usually on shows which haven't been selling as well as expected. These aren't available from the Fringe box office - you have to go directly to the venue hosting the performance - and they aren't advertised centrally. You either need to wander round the venue box offices looking for deals chalked up on the blackboards, or wait until someone hands you a flyer advertising an offer.

Half Price Hut
The Fringe Half-Price Ticket Hut
The half price hut

If you've been to Edinburgh before, note that the half-price hut has moved in recent years.

Less legwork's required to use the Fringe half-price ticket hut, located at the bottom of the Mound near the Royal Scottish Academy and Princes Street Gardens. The half-price hut does exactly what it says on the tin, selling a selection of Fringe tickets at half their face value - and with no tedious requirement to buy them in pairs.

The shows on offer at the hut change daily, and are marked up on screens above the ticket windows. If you've got a smartphone, you can download the official "Edinburgh Festival Fringe" app for a sneak preview of what's on offer today - otherwise, the only way to find out what's available is to go down to the hut itself.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that these shows couldn't sell their tickets at full price; but that's often more to do with marketing than the quality of the performance, and there are some real bargains to be found here. As always, if you check the reviews you shouldn't be disappointed. The hut opens daily at 10am and long queues sometimes form for its opening, so unless you're chasing down something specific, it's probably better to wait until late morning before you pop along.

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