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Getting tickets for the Jazz & Blues Festival

Courtesy Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival
Ticketing for the Jazz and Blues Festival is run by the Edinburgh International Festival's box office, known as The Hub. This means that the arrangements are almost exactly the same as for the EIF - great news, as you get the benefits of The Hub's effortlessly efficient booking system.

For details of how to book in person or by phone, see our detailed article on EIF ticketing.  If booking online, it's just as easy to work from the Jazz and Blues Festival's own website; the "Buy Tickets" links for each show connect you directly through to the EIF's system.

Ticketing oddities

Inevitably, there are a few small differences between the Jazz and Blues' and the EIF's systems. Unlike the EIF, the Jazz and Blues has a 50p per ticket booking fee - but only if you pay by debit or credit card. So, if you're booking a lot of tickets, you can save a few pounds by going along to The Hub in person and paying in cash.

If you've left it to the very last minute to book, there are some special arrangements to be aware of. On the day itself, you have until 4pm to get your tickets through the Hub (in person, by phone or online - they can be sent to the venue for you to collect). If you miss the deadline, you'll have to turn up at the venue 30 minutes before the performance in the hope of getting a ticket on the door - but it's still worth calling the Hub first, as they can let you know whether there are any tickets left.

Many events at the Jazz & Blues sport cabaret-style seating, where groups of six seats are clustered round a table - the seats are turned as necessary so that everyone is still facing the stage. At cabaret-style events the bar usually stays open throughout the performance, and those at the tables may be seen popping out between numbers to get a drink or two. There's always a section of normal seating in rows as well, so if you have a preference for or against a table, make sure you're clear about it when you book your tickets; online, look for the clusters of six seats shown together as your indication that the cabaret style is involved.

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