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Hanover the Musical
Published on Monday, 22 April 2013

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Sabai Pavilion (venue website)
7-9, 15-16 May, 9:00pm-10:30pm

 Warning: Contains strong language and nudity.
 Warning: Contains flashing lights.
 Suitable for age 16+ only.

Some shows at the Brighton Fringe have travelled across oceans; this one has simply rolled down the hill. An irreverent satire based on Brighton’s “Muesli Mountain”, it scored a hit with our reviewer Darren Taffinder last year – who enjoyed both the creative local riff on Passport to Pimlico, and the well-crafted, laugh-out-loud send-ups of a host of well-known songs.

And as Hanover-resident Darren was quick to point out, there’s plenty to send up about his corner of town.  Known for three things – the hill, the pubs, and being a bit “alternative” – it’s the sort of place that cries out for a biting lampoon.  Don’t worry though: you’re laughing with, not at, the locals, with many of the cast drawn from Hanover itself, and the songs tackling such weighty topics as Churchill Square burger vans and the lack of on-street parking.

It’s a shame, perhaps, that they’ve moved on from last year’s venue – the community centre in Hanover itself – but if anything, their new slot at the Sabai Pavilion proves just how much this show pleased the Brighton crowds.  We’ll repeat, though, one word of warning from our 2012 review.  It’s a must-see show if you live in Hanover, and a great night out if you hail from Brighton & Hove.  But do prepare to be slightly mystified if you’ve travelled from north of Burgess Hill.

Read our full review of Hanover The Musical from last year's Brighton Fringe.

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