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Morgan & West: Clockwork Miracles
Published on Thursday, 11 April 2013

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Komedia Studio (venue website)
24, 26 May, 6:30pm-7:30pm; 25 May, 4:00pm-5:00pm

 Family-friendly. Suitable for all ages.

For today’s pick, we’ve turned to a long-time favourite of ours – though we hasten to stress, we’re not the only ones to feel that way. Perennially popular at the Edinburgh Fringe, magical double-act Morgan & West invariably deliver an accomplished conjuring show, which skips the showy razzmatazz in favour of old-world charm. But the tricks are just half the story: what makes this pair stand out is their instant likeability, and easy, ever-present wit.

Bedecked in Victorian morning-wear, Morgan & West found their show on a simple conceit: that they’re real 1800’s parlour magicians, who’ve travelled to Brighton on board a real 1800’s time-machine.  This year’s production, Clockwork Miracles, riffs further on their quaintly dapper theme, with routines based round such vital matters as serving one’s guests the perfect cup of tea.

Over the last three years, our reviewers have variously described the duo’s shows as “full of amiable warmth”, “coursing with feel-good entertainment” and “an absolute treat to behold”.  It’s great for families – zero swearing, not a hint of innuendo – and it’s fun for unaccompanied grown-ups too.  We can’t promise you’ll be bamboozled, but we’re sure you’ll be entertained.  It’s a magical experience either way.

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