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Danny Pensive's Map Of Britain
Published on Saturday, 16 July 2011

4 stars

Underground Venues - Barrel Room
12, 18 Jul, 8:30pm-9:15pm; 13, 15, 20 Jul, 10:30pm-11:15pm
Reviewed by Alice de Cent

Danny Pensive is a loveable and comic character, and a delightful guide on this idiosyncratic journey across Great Britain.  Brimming with childlike curiosity and off-beat insights – not to mention a song or two – an hour in his company is one well-spent.

Stopping off in Buxton to trial material for his Edinburgh appearances, this is a work in progress. Changes will no doubt be made, and finer details finessed – but there is already much to praise about Danny Pensive's Map of Britain.  The charming and quirky delivery of some unusual and amusing anecdotes is thoroughly winning, but my own personal highlights were the sweet and witty songs, helped along in no small part by our host's beguiling Sunderland accent. 

Still in previews, the act is not yet running as smoothly as it no doubt will be by its Edinburgh run, but such is the nature of the performance that this failed to dampen the audience's enjoyment of the material.  Pensive is an endearing character, easy to warm to and a joy to watch. Even this audience – which started out quieter than average, and occasionally didn’t keep up with the tales all the way through to the punchline – couldn't help but get caught up in this genial adventure.

The show is still finding its shape, but it's not far off being fully formed. It’s already an enjoyable hour, full of eccentricity and wit, and an infectious delight in the everyday oddities that exist up and down this island.

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