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Holmes and Watson
Published on Saturday, 02 July 2011


Underground Venues - Pauper's Pit
8 Jul, 10:45pm-11:30pm; 9 Jul, 6:15pm-7:00pm


Holmes and Watson!  Deerstalkers in Baker Street!  Hansom cabs careening through fog-bound London!  Actually, no, none of that.  Fringe regulars Max and Iván reject all convention in this comedy take on Conan Doyle, recounting the curious incident of Holmes and Moriarty’s final meeting… in 1930’s Chicago.

We sleuthed out an early run-through of this play at May’s Brighton Fringe, and there was already evidence of another success for one of our favourite double-acts.  We know their methods, of course: there’s zippy dialogue and inventive physical comedy, crossed with defiantly questionable production values.  All the same, it’s a departure from the duo’s normal sketch-based work, and their take on Holmes – who’s sunk into a dissolute haze in the twilight of his career – is a particularly interesting invention.

The Brighton show did need a bit of an edit, but that was two months ago.  Amidst the preposterous plot twists and hammy accents, there’s a clever new take on the Great Detective – and of course, there’s plenty to laugh at too.  If you're hunting down a quirky show from two effortlessly engaging comedians, we suggest the choice is elementary.

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