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Naked in a Fishbowl
Published on Thursday, 25 August 2011

3 stars

Gryphon Venues at the Point Hotel (venue website)
22-27 Aug, 10:00pm-11:00pm
Reviewed by Alice de Cent

 Recommended for age 18+ only. Venue may not permit under-18's - check with venue before booking.

Naked in a Fishbowl is a fully improvised sitcom, chronicling the lives of five friends in New York City. On their six-night Edinburgh run, they create a new episode for every show.

Unlike most improv shows, the plot picks up from the night before, this week following the group’s exploits on a bachelorette trip to Edinburgh. Primarily driven by the relationships between the characters and their individual relationship dramas, the plot was easy enough to follow – though perhaps not quite as enjoyable if you’re only dipping into the one episode.

A little light on laughs, the humour tended towards the crude in an effort to shock. There were some funny moments, but fewer jokes than your average sitcom on this particular evening.

Accomplished actors and improvisers, the whole cast still bounced off each other, and kept up a good pace throughout the show. Ever in control and confident, they are clearly well-versed in their roles.

Naked in a Fishbowl isn’t your usual improv show, and it’s certainly an interesting concept.  This works both ways, however – increasing the excitement, but not necessarily delivering on the laughs.

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