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Vinegar Knickers: Sketchy Beast
Published on Wednesday, 24 August 2011

2 stars

C venues - C soco (venue website)
3-14, 16-29 Aug, 4:35pm-5:25pm
Reviewed by Alice de Cent

 Recommended for age 12+ only.

Three-woman sketch comedy group Vinegar Knickers – Samantha Baines, Katie Burnetts and Harriet Fisher – is just over a year old, and Sketchy Beast is their second show on the Edinburgh Fringe.

The material often tends towards the derivative, although there were a couple of moments that drew some shocked gasps from the audience. There aren’t many new ideas here, though as they become more established, they may move away from the stereotypical.

There are a few too many self-referential jokes, and the musical sections were a strange touch, but the show keeps up an admirably fast pace throughout.

The trio are likeable enough, with a confident stage presence and buckets of enthusiasm. The performances are generally well-acted, and certainly high energy. They certainly struck a chord with some of the audience, who laughed uproariously at moments.

So there are a few good gags to be found in the show, but there is an amount of unremarkable stuff to wade through to reach it. All in all, Sketchy Beast is a little too aptly named.

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