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Piracy! Comedy on the High C's
Published on Friday, 23 August 2013

3 stars

theSpace @ Venue45 (venue website)
18-24 Aug, 3:15pm-4:15pm
Reviewed by Lizzie Bell

 Recommended for age 12+ only.

Just in case the title weren’t enough of a clue, I can confirm this show contains pirates, comedy… and music. We set sail with His Majesty’s Navy aboard the barely seaworthy HMS Surprise, with the lovestruck Captain Trumpeter and Lieutenant Oliver (who definitely isn’t a lady dressed as a man, run away to sea). Throw in the Admiral, his daughter and the aforementioned pirates, and it’s clear we’re in for a hilarious show.

With songs, sketches and plenty of pop-culture references, the humour is plentiful. Low-brow and liberally scattered through the whole show, it keeps you laughing without, in the main, being overdone or forced. There is some excellent use of ‘mind-rhymes’ in the songs, and references to everything from Karl Marx to Monty Python. The cast were very good – especially Laura Daly, whose powerful stage presence was perfect for the Pirate Queen, and her ‘husband’ played by Rory Morrison.

The musical accompaniment is excellent, with various cast members picking up their instruments from time to time. The highlight is perhaps title song, Piracy!, sung (and danced) as the famous Tragedy – both very catchy and well-performed. My main criticism, though, is of the solos. After such good strong chorus numbers, none of the soloists had the strength or projection necessary to carry their songs.

The show bills itself as Blackadder meets Blackbeard. Although the humour is nowhere near as refined as the former – and I suspect the piracy is nowhere near as deadly as the latter – the cast put on a pleasing performance. However, some of the references are a little overused, particularly to Pirates of the Caribbean; it’s an obvious danger in a show like this, and did in the end affect my enjoyment.

The plot is not particularly original, the jokes are corny, and you will laugh and groan in equal measure. But this is a well-executed show with excellent live music, and cast whose energy and enthusiasm bring it to life. So climb aboard for this swashbuckling adventure, and sail across waves of laughter (and groans) with the wind of a good send-up in your sails.

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