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Arj Barker - Let Me Do the Talking
Published on Saturday, 17 July 2010


Assembly @ George Street (venue website)
Until 29 Aug, 9:20pm (10:15pm)

Having seen both Rhys Darby and Kristen Schaal at the Fringe in recent years, we can add one more to the set of supporting characters in Flight of the Conchords with Arj Barker, best known here (and probably everywhere else) as pawn shop owner Dave.

Arj Barker

Kristen Schaal played to her strengths in Double-Down Hearts, but was just plain weird enough to shake off the association with New Zealand’s third-best comedy rock duo.  (To be fair, she was also canny enough to team up with Kurt Braunohler, who has nothing to do with the Conchords.)  Unfortunately, last year Rhys Darby seemed at once overwhelmed by success and caught up in his own hype, and unambiguously bombed.

So, how will Barker do?  We reckon his slightly unhinged persona will be just fine.

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