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Tap Ole
Published on Sunday, 18 July 2010


C plaza (venue website)
Dance and Physical Theatre
5-30 Aug (not 17), 7:15pm (8:20pm)

The idea behind Tap Olé is as simple as it's creative: fuse Spanish guitar, not with flamenco, but with tap dancing instead.  And as we discovered when we first discovered the act back in 2007, it proves to be a glorious combination – with the energetic passion of the Spanish music perfectly complementing the breathtaking speed and skill of the dance.

Tap Ole
Courtesy Tap Ole

What's best about this concept is that it stands up on its own.  There’s no back-story, no fuss and no gimmickry; just some performers, some guitars and some tap shoes.  But for all that it’s simple, this show’s brim full of creative variety; we’re particularly pleased to see that they’re bringing back their signature sand dance, where the dancer's tap shoes – wired for sound – grind through the sand in an ever-changing soundscape, first sharp and angry, later soothing and smooth.

It’s all adds up to a near-unique experience, a delight for both the eyes and the ears.  And if previous years are a guide, you’ll have a chance to take part too, clapping along to your own little piece of flamenco.  So why not enjoy a taste of Spain in rainy Edinburgh?  Olé!

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