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Oor Tours

Blue Police Box Outside The Tron Kirk
3 - 31 Aug, 2:00pm (3:15pm)

Like all the world's great cities, Edinburgh is rich in history, and full of stories which deserve to be told.  But in the hurly-burly of the modern Festival, time spent on the tourist trail is precious time spent away from the shows.  So we're drawn to this unique walking tour - which bundles an hour-and-a-quarter of local history together with a one-man, al-fresco Fringe musical.  Problem solved!

Oor ToursStrolling up and down the Royal Mile in the oldest part of town, you'll pass a plethora of historic sites worthy of (musical) note.  You'll be treated to a song by Walter Scott while gazing at his statue on Princes Street, and new words set to a traditional tune will tell the tale of Deacon Brodie.  But there are parody numbers, too: we're particularly tickled by the promise of Tolbooth Prison Blues, performed as Johnny Cash never quite intended at the site of Edinburgh's historic jail.

The tour's led by local songsmith Graeme E Pearson, a regular on the local music circuit; and unlike so many who flex their vocal chords on the Royal Mile, he can actually sing rather well.  The echoing yards and closes of the Old Town should make a fine stage for his talents, too.  So, go on: take a break from the theatre, enjoy the fresh air... and learn a little about our city from this tartan-trousered bard.

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