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Out Of The Blue

C, Chambers Street
6 - 31 Aug (not 21, 22), 2:50pm (3:40pm)

If you spend any time at the Fringe, you're bound to run into Out Of The Blue: one of the most hard-working groups in the Festival, they're often found touring the city, belting out samples of their a cappella melodies to anyone who's passing by.  And the same enthusiasm for their music pervades the on-stage act - back once again for a mid-afternoon slot at C.

Out Of The BlueThe emphasis is on fun with this show: bank on quirky choreography, a few bursts of showmanship and an unexpected musical twist or two.  The award-winning student singers, named after the dark-blue regalia of their alma mater Oxford, have won a loyal following for their musical mastery and charismatic charm.  And the critics love them too, with four and five-star write-ups a regular feature of their last few years on the Fringe.

If there's one criticism we'd make, it's that the show's rather short - at 10 minutes under an hour, you might leave feeling a little short-changed.  But that surely won't stop the group's regular fans flocking down to the C venue once again.  In fact, the show sells out often... so it's worth booking early for this joyful, harmonic treat.

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