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Five top hints for choosing shows

Hand showing five fingersThe choice on offer at the Festival can be simply overwhelming, and we have plenty of detailed advice to help you choose that perfect show. But to help you hit the ground running, here are our top five tips for a successful selection at Festival time.

Read the reviews. The professionals watch the bad shows so that you don't have to.  Pay heed to what they say. Buy a newspaper and peruse their thoughts over morning coffee - or catch up for free online. Either way, check the detail, and you won't be disappointed.  More on this >>

Remember all the Festivals. Don't fixate on the Fringe - there's a lot more happening across Edinburgh. Drop into a bookshop and get the Book Festival listings, or call at an art gallery to check out what's on show. Download the Festivals Daily Guide for a chronological list of everything that's on today.  More on this >>

Get the venue programmes. The mammoth Fringe programme is great for reference... or if you're into weight-lifting. Otherwise, the individual programmes for the big venues are more user-friendly and informative. Stroll around the city centre to find the venues with a buzz, then call in to get listings directly from them.  More on this >>

Be flyered. Walk down the Royal Mile on a busy day, and you'll have a score of cardboard flyers pressed into your hand. Don't fight it: show an interest, take a few, and talk to the performers distributing them. Trust your instincts, make your choice - and discover a treasure. Nothing beats the feeling.  More on this >>

Do at least one thing that's REALLY strange. Come on - it's Edinburgh, it's the Fringe, and it's not supposed to be normal. Go to a show on a bus, chase actors around Edinburgh in the rain, watch Shakespeare in drag - but whatever you do, go home with some memories and a story to tell your friends.  More on this >>

Choosing from reviews >>

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Coming to the Fringe this year?  We can help you make the most of your time.  Learn about Edinburgh's summer Festivals and plan your visit around the city's major events. 

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