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Oxfringe 2012: Reviews Archive

Oxfringe 2012 is on now!

One of England's newer Fringes is running till 10 June in Oxford, and we're covering the programme for the very first time.  Our London editor, Alice de Cent, has taken a Jubilee weekend trip to the dreaming spires... and she's sharing her diary with us here.

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Tricks and treats - Monday 4 June

Today it finally stopped raining, so I did the decent thing and went punting. I left the actual work to someone less likely to capsize the boat, and focused on my strengths – which I sensed today would lean towards thinking up annoying punting related puns. I’m most proud of the one where I asked if the good weather would help bring in the punters. You can infer the quality of the rest from there.

Rain and reviewing - Sunday 3 June

Is today the Jubilee? I could look it up on the internet, but last time I looked something up on the internet it was the weather in Oxford, just before I packed. It did not go well.

The are certainly Jubilee celebrations taking place at Oxford Castle Unlocked, so I headed over there for a look at the street theatre and Fringe previews. After some heroic rain-soaked unicycling from Le Navet Bete, a brass ensemble and an excerpt from Mens Rea that will be on at the Simpkins Lee Theatre later this week, I realised I wasn’t hardcore enough to stand in the rain in flip flops anymore… and escaped to the Ashmolean to see what indoors had to offer.

Cameras and carnations - Saturday 2 June

I’m going to just get this out of the way – I have no idea which day the Jubilee actually is. Though I am well aware that this is the “Jubilee Weekend” I have yet to divine which of the four days the event actually lands on. The internet probably knows, but I think I’d rather discover it empirically. I use the word ‘empirically’ here in the sense that it means just wandering around until I see a parade or something. Or a flotilla perhaps, although I’d have to wander nearer to water than I have been doing.

Boats and bowties - Friday 1 June

After a misguided mission to use up all perishable items in the fridge – threatening to result in a bout of food poisoning – and a disconcerting digital display that couldn’t make up its mind if the train I had boarded was actually going to Oxford or Harborough (wherever that may be), I arrived in Oxford with a sense of satisfaction. It’s a kind of pleasure which only the truly inept can derive from getting on the right train and making a breakfast that does not require hospitalisation.



These are archived reviews of shows from Oxfringe 2012.  We keep our archives online as a courtesy to performers, and for readers who'd like to research previous years' reviews.