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Brighton 2009: Postcard from Brighton

These are archived reviews from the Brighton Fringe in May 2009.  We keep archived reviews online as a courtesy to performers, and to help members of the public researching the history of a show. 

Three months before the artists of the world descend on Edinburgh, the planet's second largest Fringe Festival is underway in Brighton.  For the first time in 2009, FringeGuru packed its bucket and spade for a busman's holiday on the South Coast.  Wish you were here?  Find out with our updates from the undisputed #2.

Postcard from Brighton: The Return

So, we said May 9th's Postcard was the last of the series - but in the end, we just couldn't stay away.  So here's the finale, the curtain-call, the Captain's Log Supplemental... our very final word from the seaside this year.

Postcard from Brighton: May 9

In the last of his daily Postcards, Richard scurries down the sea front, buzzes off to the circus, and flies around the world with a vintage cabaret.  Catch up with the news from our final day in Brighton.

Postcard from Brighton: May 8

In today's penultimate Postcard: Richard communes with the dead, ponders pollution and learns to give world music a chance.  It's been another busy day in Brighton!

Postcard from Brighton: May 7

A night on the tiles with some old friends means it's been - shock horror probe - a Fringe-free day for me.  Still, it's a chance to catch up on the many delights of Brighton... and in today's Postcard, to fill in the gaps on a couple of shows I've not had the chance to write up so far. 

Postcard from Brighton: May 6

In today's Postcard, Richard's cast out of his home, goes back to school for Oedipus, and finds a channel-hopping sketch show doesn't quite switch him on.

Postcard from Brighton: May 5

Unscheduled Beethoven, unscripted comedy - and a totally unprecedented subterranean tour.  Has FringeGuru gone down the plug hole?  Find out in today's Postcard.

Postcard from Brighton: May 4

Major excitement today - there was a riot in Brighton!  Well, so I hear.  You'd probably expect a riot to be a thing you'd notice if it happened nearby, but I'd been completely oblivious until I picked it up on Twitter.  Something tells me I'm not cut out for news journalism.

Postcard from Brighton: May 3

In today's first Postcard: the follow-up to Aeneas Faversham is anything but Dreadful, there's a fiery evening in Queen's Park and we catch up with some of our colleagues in Brighton.



These are archived reviews of shows from Brighton 2009.  We keep our archives online as a courtesy to performers, and for readers who'd like to research previous years' reviews.

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