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Edward Aczel Does Not Exist
Published on Saturday, 09 April 2011

Upstairs at Three and Ten (visit website)
28 May, 7:00pm-8:00pm

Edward AczelIn a relatively short career, Edward Aczel has developed something a reputation as the funniest unfunny man on the comedy circuit. He's an uncomedian – and act that takes our jaded mirth-expectations and tramples all over them, producing something far funnier from the debris. He's won fans in Jimmy Carr and Zadie Smith, his review quotes praise his unprofessionalism, while his blurb mumbles about doing a festival show in the hope of some TV exposure.

Well, he might not be on TV (although he does have several radio appearances under his impressive belt), but there are plenty of Aczel clips on You Tube.  He's a shambling, sweating presence, with a casual disregard for comedy conventions.  He notes that as neither he nor the audience have anything better to do for the next 3 minutes, how about we talk about… he reads from the list on the back of his hand… The Cold War and Sir Eric Clapton?

We’ve not seen Aczel ourselves, but with his penchant for graphs – we do like a comic who supports his acts with home-made charts – he’s surely worth a look.

Edward Aczel doesn't exist in the printed Fringe programme either, presumably because he was a late addition to the line-up.  To book your tickets, visit the Upstairs at Three and Ten website.

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