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Helen Keen: Future Robot Woman!
Published on Monday, 04 April 2011


Laughing Horse @ The Temple (venue website)
8-9, 15-16 May, 7:45pm-8:45pm

 Suitable for age 15+ only.
 World Premiere.

Helen Keen
Photo: Claes Gellerbrink

Helen Keen's last show, It Is Rocket Science, was a huge hit - screaming across the sky and splash-landing with its own series on Radio Four.  She's back this year with her new piece Future Robot Woman, premiering at the Brighton Festival Fringe.

This show about robots (yay!) investigates both the scientific endeavours of the past - such as the automata obsessions of decadent Versailles - and the possibility of a scary robot takeover further down the line.  There'll be calming futuristic biscuits to crunch on, while we contemplate a world ruled by robot overlords.

But in our immediate future, we predict another winning blend of offbeat science and quirky comedy.  Keen's got a justified reputation for such stuff... and there's every chance this new piece will be another treat for fans of comedy that touches unusual nerves.  After all, with a title like that, how can it not be an hour of fun?

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