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Choosing from programmes
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Choosing from programmes
Programmes for the Fringe
Programmes for the other festivals

Programmes for the other festivals

Away from the Fringe, getting programmes is a straightforward task - with each of the Festivals publishing their own booklet, and plenty of information online.

The International Festival

You can pick up most of the Festivals' programmes at the Hub. Image courtesy Edinburgh International Festival.
The International Festival publishes a glossy programme, rich with detail and photographs and looking impressively expensive. You can grab a copy from the Hub box office, or any of the International Festival's theatres - including the Festival Theatre on Nicolson Street, a couple of minutes' walk from the key Fringe venues at the Pleasance and Bristo Square. They'll also post it out to you, free of charge, if you sign up for their mailing list - check the website or phone the Hub box office for details.

Online, you can browse shows by date or category or, even easier, download the whole programme as a PDF file.  For more details, see our Ticket Alert on the programme launch.

The Book Festival

The Book Festival has the second-largest programme in Edinburgh, surpassed only by the Fringe in sheer number of events. It stays quite manageable, though, since almost all of their sessions are an opportunity to hear from an author or public figure; you can scan down the handy index and pick out the names which appeal to you.

The programme's available to pick up from almost all bookshops and libraries across Edinburgh. Online, you can download the whole thing in a single file to view on your own PC - or also use the interactive booking system to browse by date, type of event, or to search for a favourite author.  Again, you can find out more in Ticket Alert.

Other festivals

The Jazz and Blues Festival also publishes a magazine-style programme, but it's not all that easy to get hold of in advance. Your best bet in this case is to go online, where you can - once again - download the whole thing or browse for a particular date you're interested in.  There's more detail in Ticket Alert.

Festival of Politics
"The small but perfectly-formed Festival of Politics has a correspondingly bijou programme booklet"
The Art Festival's programme comes out quite late - but as it's run on largely drop-in lines, there's little need to get your hands on a copy before you arrive in Edinburgh. The best strategy is simply to call at a gallery - the Royal Scottish Academy, a towering colonnaded edifice on Princes Street, is the easiest to find - and take one there and then.

The small but perfectly-formed Festival of Politics has a correspondingly bijou programme booklet, listing the events day-by-day. It's available from the International Festival's Hub ticket office as well as from the Scottish Parliament. You'll also find details on the Festival's website.

The Festival of Spirituality and Peace similarly publishes its own, separate programme, which at time of writing is available only from its website. If you'd like a printed copy, keep an eye on the Festival's own site for the final details.

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