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Rosie's Pop Diary
Published on Tuesday, 19 July 2011

3 stars

Underground Venues - Pauper's Pit
17 Jul, 9:15pm-10:00pm; 18, 20 Jul, 5:00pm-5:45pm
Reviewed by Alice de Cent

Drawing inspiration from her years spent trying to make it as a 90’s pop star, Rosie Wilby has turned her musical misadventures into a mash-up of stand up, storytelling and songs. Employing a collection of personal memorabilia, projection and her guitar, this is a gently nostalgic show chronicling the life of an aspiring musician.

Rosie's Pop Diary started life as a monthly column Wilby penned for a Making Music magazine, and we are treated to various excerpts throughout the show her writings have now evolved into. Never to be accused of taking herself too seriously, Wilby’s endearing delivery is easy to warm to, and her anecdotes engaging.

Wilby intersperses her tale with music, as she performs a few of her own 90s compositions, accompanying herself on her acoustic guitar. The songs are a pleasant window into Wilby’s past, and evocative of the time, though I felt at times that playing the songs in their entirety was unnecessary for the audience to appreciate their significance – edited highlights would, for me, suffice. 

Wilby’s gentle, conversational style often tends more towards storytelling than out-and-out comedy – a balance that could possibly be tweaked to give the story a little more pace. Though based firmly on true events, there is room for a few more laughs amongst the storytelling.

But still, full of self-deprecating humour, the show is an enjoyable ride through the trials and triumphs of a would-be musician. With its fond 90s references, it is probably best appreciated by an audience nostalgic for the decade – though the honest and pleasing delivery ensures an entertaining account of the era, and a charming look at Wilby’s personal history.

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