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Danny Buckler - Edinburgh Preview
Published on Wednesday, 18 July 2012

4 starsUnderground Venues, Comedy
Run ended
Reviewed by Alice de Cent

Danny Buckler is on his way to Edinburgh, and stopping off at the Buxton Fringe to roadtest his debut solo show The Phantom. Charting his obsession with the musical The Phantom Of The Opera – from his childhood in Woking through to unmasking a cruise ship singer who claimed to be “Lloyd Webber’s favourite Phantom” – he also peppers the show with his own misadventures in love, which largely stem from idealizing the Phantom’s approach to romance.

The Phantom Of The Opera might not be your first thought as a premise for stand-up, making it all the more delightful when it comes off. If you’re skeptical that you can get away with singing Music Of The Night to a room full of comedy fans, then that’s because Danny Buckler hasn’t won you over yet. His unflinchingly honest style is endearing and entertaining in equal measure.

Buckler is a confident and likeable performer, with a remarkable energy that is especially evident during the ad-libbed moments of the show. The Phantom is still a work in progress, and will no doubt have been finessed by the time it hits Edinburgh, but his delivery is already exuberant. I’d bet the final product won’t be the slickest of shows, but it will be all the better for it, since Buckler’s natural instincts and tendencies towards extremes of volume are part of what sets him apart. 

The Phantom is still finding its feet in previews before it hits the Edinburgh Fringe – but it’s certainly shaping up to be an unlikely and refreshing hour of comedy.

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