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Midnight at The Boar's Head
Published on Thursday, 24 May 2012

5 stars

The Hurly Burly (venue website)
20 May, 6:30pm-7:40pm, 9:00pm-11:00pm; 22 May, 9:30pm-10:40pm
Reviewed by Naomi Dixon

 Parental Guidance. Under-17's must be accompanied by an adult.

Let me take you back in time to Shakespeare’s favourite pub, The Boar’s Head. Dark, gritty and full of colourful locals, you’ll be entertained, moved and amused.  The Fine Chisel production company have sieved through the entire works of Shakespeare, done a bit of jiggery-pokery… and come out with a masterpiece.

You’ll think, as you listen, that it may not quite be Shakespeare – but it almost all is. Using lines, songs and storylines to come up with a completely new play, it’s a great way to get those who aren’t familiar with his work involved, as well as to give the Bard’s existing admirers a thoroughly good time.

With thrills, spills and laughs galore, I found myself leaving the 70-minute show wanting even more. And if you’re a bit like me, and audience participation just isn’t your thing, you should still be brave and go with the flow.

All the actors seemed to relish their parts, adding joy and passion to the production. The live folk music is first-rate, and the chances are you’ll be clapping your hands and singing along before you know even it.

Fine Chisel have done themselves proud with this excellent show – and I can’t wait to see their new work Unplugged when it hits Brighton in July. A superb rollercoaster of a play that can be enjoyed by all.

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