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Horlicks and Armageddon
Published on Wednesday, 24 April 2013

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Old Police Cells Museum (venue website)
7-8, 13-15 May, 8:00pm-9:45pm

 Suitable for age 18+ only.

Nuclear Armageddon. It feels a quaint concept now; something people used to fuss about, a generation or two ago. But for more than three decades, the threat of fiery apocalypse was simply all too real – and this one-of-a-kind show promises a sideways look at those days of paranoia, in the appropriately bunker-like basement beneath Brighton Town Hall.

The evening’s hosted by Sarah Angliss – who, as part of duo Spacedog, won the Latest award for the best musical event a couple of Fringes ago.  But don’t expect a typical gig or recital.  Angliss specialises in thoughtful, nerve-jangling, electronic music, which melds pleasingly retro technology with our ageless hopes and fears.

Alongside the music, there’ll be spoken-word pieces and a smidgeon of science, no doubt accompanied by a few off-the-wall pieces of intellectual exotica.  Oh yes… and there’ll be robots.  We don’t know what’s planned for this particular event, but previous shows’ home-made automata have included a laser-eyed raven and a creepily re-animated ventriloquist’s doll.

So there’s plenty to look forward to, but above all we’re hoping for a compelling story: the secret tale of the enthusiastic survivalists who, as Angliss puts it, treated nuclear war like a caravan holiday underground.  You’ll be spending just a couple of hours in Angliss’s bunker.  But never forget – if the four-minute warning had gone off, we might all have been there for eternity.

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